- NAMM Product Review

“THIS….is “THE BEST” new product of the show! I know…it sounds funny but……WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK? Of course you should hang your guitars in your closet. What a brilliant idea! There is also a safety factor here. I was robbed once and they took everything, but didn’t bother to look in my closet  who would?-. Congratulations to these guys for following through on a wild-hare idea!”  

Music Trades Magazine  


THE GUITAR HANGER solves a problem experienced by beginning guitarists and touring pros alike: safe, easy-access temporary storage. The Guitar Hanger allows players to store their guitars anywhere there’s a closet rod. Its non-mechanical locking yoke holds the guitar securely in place.


Stuff arrived, exactly what I wanted. (GB - Rhode Island - bought 15 - collector)


I got it. Thanks. They are already in the closet holding the basses.   (J.B. - Texas - bought 4)


"I received them..they are great!"-
latter "I probably need two more" 

(T.P. - Alabama - bought 8 - all for basses)


”You know, that would be really nice in my dorm room. A stand would just get in the way right now. Damn these small rooms.” 


”I'm so dumb. I have way too many guitars. I have no room for them. I keep them in my closet, on the floor, leaning against whatever I can lean them against. They're constantly falling over............WHY THE F DID I NOT THINK OF THIS!!!”


”All in all these are a very cool design. I found that as much as I'd like to keep my guitars on display it is not always wise to do so. Now I have created a "SAFE" area to keep my guitars. Humidified and out of sight out of mind sort of thing. All in all I am very pleased with my purchase.”  -  SNS Pro Audio Nashville TN


”I'll take two please!”


”I own half a dozen. ,, the value of not having my guitars in open space ,,, it's not priceless, but @ 22 - 23 clams, I'm in. It's really that convenient (plus I own a lot of guitars).”  –via Amazon


”Is it worth more money than a wall hanger? You bet it is. Precisely made, lightweight, portable, strong, secure, fits most guitars, and it came with an Is It Hanging? bumper sticker. “ – via Amazon


”This is a good investment for someone running out of floor space for guitar A-stands. … this is a good buy and the hanger is quite durable. Very pleased.”


”What a great way to hide guitars!  After trying this out, I'm amazed that someone didn't come up with this years ago. If you don't need  to wear those suits anymore, you can store a mini collection in your closet.”  Steve T  Boston, MA   


”Can I hang my Guitar Hero / Rockband guitars on it?”   Answer: YES!

                      BUT YOUR GUITAR DOES!
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