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Send us a picture and show us how you have your guitars hanging.

1st Place = $100 & "IS IT HANGING?" T-Shirt
2nd Place = $50 & "IS IT HANGING?" T-Shirt
3rd Place = 2 - The Guitar Hangers & T-Shirt



Home and Studio settings to be judged the same. So whether you have a Squire hanging with your soccer uniforms, or four 1963 Strats hanging in your studio, send in your pictures and show us how they are hanging.
Note: Only First Name or Initials, and general location will be used.

*By submitting your picture you are agreeing to the Contest Official Rules listed at the bottom of this page.

For inspiration see the photo sent in by Rod from Australia.
Send your entries to

 The Possibilities

This customer takes it up a notch with a Display Closet for Guitars.

From Traveling? Hotel Use                                                                              From David - Project Studio - San Diego CA            

From Rod - Australia (your picture here)               From RS - Petaluma, CA                                              From Meg & John - a  The Guitar Hero entry              

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Quick grab Tele                                                           From MM - The Guitar Hero to a real one                From J Morgan - Project Studio              


 The Possibilities

This customer takes it up a notch with a Display Closet for Guitars.   

From Michael “Whip” Wilton Queensryche                                                                            From Applon Music - Japan